Lead Safe Inspection

Who should use the Contractor Corner: contractors; rental property owners, property managers and maintenance personnel; school administrators and maintenance personnel; daycare providers, hospital administrators and maintenance personnel; homeowners and do-it-yourselfers; and anyone else interested in additional information on the Renovation Rule.

Wisconsin’s Lead-Safe Renovation Rule is NOW in effect. Wisconsin’s Lead-Safe Renovation Rule went into effect on April 22, 2010. This rule is consistent with U.S. EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

Rule Affects Target Housing and Child-occupied Facilities Built Before 1978

  • Single-family and multi-family housing built before 1978 (regardless if a child lives in the property)
  • Child-occupied facilities in building built before 1978

Federal rule banned lead from residential paint in 1978. This new Wisconsin rule enforces a federal rule established by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008 that was enacted to protect young children from being exposed to lead-based paint hazards that can be created during renovation activities.

Wisconsin Guidance Documents