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    Missed problems can turn your dream home into a nightmare. A professional home inspection will enable you to learn a great deal about the condition of a home and give you peace of mind. Read More

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    A pre-listing home inspection is one of the best ways to facilitate a quick and smooth sale of your home. Find out how you can get more money, be less stressed, and save more. Read More

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    Our goal is to provide you with better service, better reporting, and better report delivery so you can work more efficiently and sell more homes. We will work together to make sure the process is a smooth one. Read More

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Choose Walters Home Inspection for security and peace of mind

A Home Inspection is a very important part of the home buying or selling process. You may not know everything about the home, such as the condition of the roof, electrical wiring, furnace, or other items.  That’s where we come in.

Let us help you to know your home better…

A home is more than the sum of its parts. It’s the place in which you dream and live your life. It’s where you spend quality time with family and friends. It’s your nest-egg, your retirement, your legacy to your children. As such, purchasing a home is as much an emotional investment as a financial one.

Your pocket book and your mortgage loan officer may dictate what you can afford to buy, but your heart will make the final decision. It’s a lot like love – when you find “The Right One” you just know it.

Because the decision is primarily emotional, you may be blinded to the parts of the home that are not performing. Missed problems can swiftly turn your dream home into a nightmare. A professional home inspection will enable you to learn a great deal about the ins and outs of a particular home, answer some very important questions, and help give you peace of mind.


When choosing Walters Home Inspection, you get:

·         A highly trained, knowledgeable, and courteous inspector who’s looking out for your best interest.

·         A thorough, in-depth visual examination of the structural and operating components of the home.

·         A comprehensive, easy to read report at the completion of the inspection. The inspection report can also be delivered online or via email to you and your realtor or loan officer.

·         Excellence customer service